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Wimborne walks!

Wimborne Minster and the surrounding area offers some of the most fun, stimulating and adventurous playgrounds for our little four legged friends! With so many dog friendly places it is easy to find the perfect location for their needs. Check out our handy guide below to some of our favourite local places for dog walks.

location: Eye Bridge

perfect for: River dips, shaded spots, lead walks

not ideal for: Ball throwing, distance runners, wet days

about: Following the road around from Wimborne

Football Club (the turning just after Wimborne Hospital) 

brings you to the incredible Eye Bridge, featuring a long

stretch of shallow river, a favourite of kayakers, paddlers,

families and dog walkers alike. We usually wear our aqua

shoes to eyebridge, as there are many spots where you

can walk right out to the middle of the river with the doggies

as they play! This is especially great when walking a dog

that must be kept on a lead, as it means they get to have a

dunk with their friends which they normally can't do on a lead!

It also has lots of shade in the wooded areas so works great

for long walks in the hot midday sun!

Eye bridge

Who doesn't love eyebridge? It's the perfect location for very hot weather because of all the shaded areas and the river shallows 

canford magna

With amazing riverside walks and plenty of opportunities for running, playing and socialising, Canford Magna is a favourite for many of the Dorset Dog Walking gang!

location: Canford Magna 

perfect for: Ball throwing, open space, wooded area

not ideal for: Off lead when livestock grazing, wet days

about: Starting at the Iconic Canford School, there are several routes which can either lead through shaded trees, along the river banks and towards Wimborne or Stapehill! The banks on the North of the river offer plenty of fun for running around and meeting other dogs whilst being able to always keep a close eye on them. Head along the South of the river and you'll come across a shady woodland trailway area which leads all the way through to Wimborne and under the mysterious & historical Lady Wimborne's bridge which once carried the old railway.

location: Bytheway Field

perfect for: On lead walks, socialising, wet days

not ideal for: Ball throwing due to long grass

about: Hidden from the main road but easily accessed, this little gem of a location is found on Leigh Road between Wimborne and Canford Bottom. Designated as East Dorset's first SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace) this space is offered to the public as a purpose built outdoor recreation facility and we love it! It's perfect for on lead walks as the well maintained gravel paths around the whole site criss cross over and offer plenty of exploration opportunities through the long grasses and in the hedgerows. To the west of the field a gate allows access into a wooded area walk to offer some sun relief!


This lovely council maintained nature reserve is a go to for residents of Wimborne and Colehill and offers a wealth of wildlife and tranquility!

cannon hill

Cannon Hill Plantation offers lot's of routes through woodland and heathland, making it ideal for most walks!

location: Cannon Hill Woods

perfect for: Forest exploration, full shade, wet days

not ideal for: Ball throwing

about: Accessed from either Colehill or Uddens Drive if travelling from Holt or Ferndown, The Cannon Hill Plantation is a beautiful spot which can take you an entirely different route every day of the week! depending on the time of day, this is a great spot for socialisation on and off lead as there are lots of other dogs to meet and sniff! Most of this area is covered by well draining gravel pathways making it a good option on rainy days. 

location: kingston lacy (stour valley way)

perfect for: Wet days, long runs, socialising

not ideal for: Ball throwing

about: Head down past Pamphill and you'll come to the back of the expansive National Trust owned Kingston Lacy Estate. Here you'll find a small gravel car park perfectly situated for exploring part of the Stour Valley Way! Miles of well draining pathways lead through tranquil woods and fields which head out towards Sturminster Marshall or Kingston Lacy Drove. This walk is perfect for a stress free walk with an energetic dog that loves to run up ahead, as you can easily keep track of them here!


This lovely council maintained nature reserve is a go to for residents of Wimborne and Colehill and offers a wealth of wildlife and tranquility!

Let us know your walking requirements below and we'll be in touch asap with our availability and a quote! 

Doggy Adventures await! We'll be in touch soon

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