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  • Why small and medium dogs?
    Our topmost priority is that the dogs are safe and happy, so this means optimising their environment for them all to get along and for us to be able to offer them a calm and controlled walk! We find that dogs mostly prefer travelling with and playing with other dogs of similar size and temperament, and as most of our four legged friends are already small or medium, it makes sense to keep the groups compatible. In addition, as we usually walk dogs in groups of 4, we need to know we can control all the dogs on leads in very short notice if required. Although there may be some walkers that can cope with 4 large dogs on leads, we personally feel most confident and in control with small and medium breeds in a group scenario. We do have some larger dogs that walk with us, but these are dogs that have already demonstrated they have a quiet and gentle nature and get along well with our smallest furry friends too! If you're not sure whether or not your dog is the right fit for our groups, please get in touch and we'll discuss this with you.
  • Do you charge for collection?
    No - All of our prices include local pick up and drop off from home in our Woof Wagon!
  • How long are the walks?
    The walks are for one hour minimum from when we're all ready to set off, but usually last longer time dependant!
  • Where do you walk?
    All over! We like to vary it, so your dog will get to explore different places! Our main priority is that the dogs are safe and secure, so we avoid areas near main roads or places that are too busy. Some of our favourite long walks are over Badbury Rings, Eyebridge, Pamphill, The Stour Valley Way and many of the local 'SANGS'.
  • Do I need to provide anything for the walk?
    Just their harness and lead - We make sure we're fully equipped on every walk with tennis balls, clean up bags, first aid kits, whistles and most importantly - healthy doggy treats! (we do not overdo the treats, but please let us know if your dog has any special requirements)
  • How often can you walk my dog?
    Everyday! Many of our doggies are with us 5 days a week or more. If you need occasional walks, that's not a problem too - the more notice you give us the better, but we'll always try to accommodate a last minute walk if we can.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes! We are fully insured with Direct Line for Business for up to £1m public liability. See our certificate below.
  • Do you walk the dogs off the lead?
    If we can! All of the locations we go welcome off lead dogs, so as long as your dog has suitable recall then we'll always walk them off the lead in these areas so they can explore and run around. If you know that we must only walk them on lead, then let us know and we'll arrange for them to go into a 'lead only' small group.
  • Do I need to be at home when you collect?
    No not at all, when we meet we'll discuss the best way to access your property when you're not home
Let us know your walking requirements below and we'll be in touch asap with our availability and a quote! 

Doggy Adventures await! We'll be in touch soon

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