Doggy First Aid Kit Checklist

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Many dogs seem mostly indestructible and can launch themselves off or at more or less anything without a scrape! It's best to be prepared however, as occasionally even the toughest of hounds can get himself into a pickle. In the event of any serious calamity of course, the aim of canine first aid is to patch up your patient to prevent deterioration on the way to the vet, but there are many small incidents which can be simply and quickly treated with a bit of TLC and the right kit. I would recommend to all dog owners that they do a short pet first aid course which you can find online, or speak to your pet's vet about the next session to enroll in, that way you won't be caught of guard when an accident happens!

What Should my Canine First Aid Kits include?

Below you'll find two lists for your basic pet first aid kits, one for home and one for on the move. You'll notice that there's lot's of duplicate items here - So, do you need two? Yes! In an emergency situation at home, you don't want to get half way through your treatment to realise your scissors are in the first aid kit in the car, or be out for a trek and not be able to secure an emergency bandage!

Travel First Aid Kit for dogs on the move!

I've included here the larger sizes only for certain items to keep your kit compact, if a smaller dressing is needed for example it's quick and easy to cut a large one in half instead of carrying every size around in your travel kit. Keep this first aid kit with you in your car, or in your backpack if you're going out on a long hike with the dogs.

- Non-adhesive dressing pads 10cm x 10cm - First Contact on wound

- Wound dressing 20cm x 20cm - Second contact on wound

- Cotton wool - pad around a larger impaled item to control bleeding instead of removing it in the field!

- Crepe Bandage - To secure wound dressings